“Politically, riot grrrl are people (girls and boys) who stomp out sexism and inequality wherever they see it.” -Sofia Klatzker 1998

We at Riot Grrrls/PYT started this project inspired by the original movement, which stemmed from the freethinking creatives of the early 90’s music industry. As media ruined the aesthetic of this forward ideology, we stumbled upon the report from Sofia Klatzer which gave her interpretation of the early “media darlings” and their cause.

Enlightened by the music and thoughts behind this aggressive uprise, we at Riot Grrrls/PYT decided to use our backgrounds in design and fashion to pay homage to and support the since quieted advance in social reform.

PYT is our creative outlet — a lifestyle brand that is an outward expression of our passions.

Riot Grrrls is our media outlet. We hope to further blur the line between message and medium, to serve as a catalyst for serious thought and to create a platform for an organic self-discovery. It is our objective to forge a dialogue between like minded individuals through fashion and design.

Revolution girl style now! FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD.